Welcome to the Kashmir Portal. My plan is to post all online newspapers articles that I come across and write a couple of comments, explanatory notes or questions. The aim is twofold; firstly, the Kashmir Portal is thought of as an aid in my doctoral research on the conflict in Kashmir to keep track of current events in the area; secondly, a more long-term goal is to open a platform of debate for scholars, journalists, activists and anybody else with an interest in the region, as well as to gather useful resources on one single place on the web.

Except from the region of Kashmir, glances will be thrown on the other countries on the subcontinent, as well as other conflict areas and gender issues that catch my interest.

I hope you will find The Kashmir Portal an insightful and useful resource and I welcome open and balanced discussion on the themes. However, racist, sexist, defamatory or abusive comments will be deleted and action will be taken against the individuals posting these comments.

This site is still under construction, both creatively, academically and philosophically, so please bare with me whilst I’m figuring the terms out.


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