Failing disaster response in Balochistan

Recent reports state that more than 70.000 people have been rendered homeless after the earthquake in Balochistan on Wednesday. Aid seems to be arriving slowly, making affected people more and more desperate. In Khanozai parts of the local population even has taken to protest against the ineffective response. It is disgraceful that the Pakistani government hasn’t learnt a lesson from the earthquake in 2005, where the response were slow, ineffective and insufficient. The lack of an integrated disaster repsonse plan made the relief slow then, and it seems like the government hasn’t done much to improve it’s disaster response plan since then.

Also the international community has been slow to respond, even though there now seems to be staff from UNICEF on the ground. It will be interesting to see whether the cluster approach introduced in the Kashmir earthquake will be used this time, or whether a new strategy will be created. A shame though that the survivors of the distaster will be punished by ineffective relief work.


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